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HappyMenu is one of the best renowned catering and event service company in palakkad. HappyMenu have organised many marriage and corporate events in kerala. Now they have expanded their service in entire India in just few years to become the best catering and event management company in entire India.


Happymenu caterers are the renowned caterers and event management company in entire kerala. We have organised many big events and marriage events also. HappyMenu is known for its best catering service in palakkad. HappyMenu's Management team consists of all specialists and professionals in managing the events.

Stage Layout

HappyMenu one of the best event and catering management company in entire kerala, happymenu have organised more than 100 marriage and party events in kerala. It is particularly well known in palakkad.

Theme Wedding

HappyMenu is also wellknown for its stage and hall decorations. Happymenu have shown its caliber by organising more than one crore budget marriage event and also organise small marriage events very successfully.

Food Counter

One of the best catering and event management company have organised the successful business events as well as party events too. Happymenu is the best in special designing events. Recently Happymenu organised theme based marriage event.

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